Merry GIFmas, and a Happy New Year!!! :D

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Posted in Motion || Posted on 2013-12-25 22:34:05

Higher quality versions here:

At design iteration 172, I have finally achieved the effect I was looking for - A tree beautiful enough to qualify for decoration with the shapes I created in my “Ornament” series of GIFs.

Let this be my gift to you this cold winter day - A little bit more beauty to add to your world. I hope that this message finds you all well, and that these images inspire you to add some beauty to this world in your own ways; in how you treat all living things, in the problems you choose to solve, and the inspiration you can be to others.

I wish you all a Very Merry GIFmas, and a Happy New Year!! :D

Now, some silliness;

Oh GIFmas Tree, Oh GIFmas tree, how lovely are your lens flares!


Silver GIFs… Silver GIFs! It’s GIFmas time on the Internets! Ring a ling, watch them bling! I sure do love GIFmas day!


Deck the halls with Motion Graphics! Fa la la la la, la la la la! Tis the season to be Looping! Fa la la la la, la la la la! Spend we now our excess Bandwidth! Fa la la - Okay, enough of that one now.


[…]With I in my Labcoat and Obviologist on Blender, we had just settled down for a long winter’s render. When up on my laptop, there arose such a clamor, we opened our tumble-feeds to see what was the matter - our GIFs had been shared, and up went our numbers! … Okay, that one ran out of fuel too. Words are not my strong suit.

Now for something completely sentimental;

This has been an extraordinary year for me. I could not have guessed that in just over a year worth of exploring and practicing my creativity with short looping animations, that I would have almost 2000 followers who look forward to seeing and sharing each of my next creations. I want to thank all of the other GIF designers out there who have shared knowledge with me, encouraged me, and inspired me this year. To have my dashboard numbers telling me that I can consider myself among their ranks is truly something special to me. I also want to thank all of the people who have appreciated and shared my works of passion with others, so that they may enjoy my designs as well.

I have to give some more love out to team Blender, because without this freely available amazing power tool that they continually improve on a regular basis, I would not be able to take as much pride in this work that I do. The fact that I can create inspiring work and then also share the tool itself - grants me the ability to not only inspire other artists, but also to teach these skills to my friends and students - and that is something far more meaningful to me. <3

A toast to all personal growth made in 2013! May it continue and even accelerate for us all in the coming 2014!

gifmas, peppermint, ornament, animated gif, motion graphics, merry gifmas, oh, gifmas tree, star, happy new year, blender, cycles

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