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What is Nuclear Pixel?

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Nuclear Pixel is the personal website of Admiral Potato. Here, you can find information on his latest (posted) works, and anything he feels the urge to write about. Admiral's objective in creating this website is to share his coolest designs, his works of passion, and his discoveries in the realms of content creation, artistic experience, and information technologies. Unless otherwise specifically stated on a per-post basis, Admiral is the sole creator of everything displayed on this website.

As a visitor to his site, Admiral strongly encourages you to learn any lesson that you can from it; Analyze it's code, reverse engineer it and play with it, or even use it for your own projects as is; Use the design elements as inspiration for your own creations; Download and play with any of the graphics that inspire you, then abstract and derive your own creations from them. If you do end up creating works of your own that incorporate any of Admiral's graphics, he only asks for attribution for his part of the work, and that you not use that derivative work for profit.

If you have any questions for Admiral, comments on any of his works, or suggestions on how he can improve the site or his processes, feel free to get in touch with him, and he will get back to you at his soonest convenient moment. Admiral reads and replies to every non-spam email he is sent.

Nuclear Pixel is currently at version 6.0, and was lovingly hand written by Admiral in PHP 5, MySQL 5, HTML5 and CSS3, with a sprinkling of Javascript.

Who is Admiral Potato?

Admiral Potato is a 27 year old humanoid male, a Computer Graphics Artist, a Web Developer, a Mad Scientist, and an active Mentor at a local Community Center. Admiral can be spotted wearing his Lab Coat and Goggles around his neighborhood and in other public places that he frequents. Admiral is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, but is currently living in Leeds, UK until sometime in the fall of 2011. Admiral works in the daytime performing as the Senior Production Artist and Senior Web Developer at a small design firm in Salt Lake City.

Admiral likes to spend his free time working on things is passionate about; designing graphics, playing with and learning how to implement the latest in web standards, creating collaborative works with local artists, playing video games, and volunteering to help kids learn about computers and the internet. When in the States, Admiral usually spends his Wednesday evenings tutoring at his favorite Community Center. When the center closes and the kids go home, Admiral likes to head over to Captain Captain Studios and hang with the artists over there for inspiration and collaboration.

It should be noted that while Admiral is from an area of the world that is known for right wing religious fanaticism and a number of senseless and offensive cultural practices turned to law, Admiral is a devout Atheist who takes pride in actively practicing a strong set of morals that in many ways conflict strongly with his surroundings. Admiral's personal morals have been carefully crafted for the purposes of keeping his mind and body at their purest, with emphasis on the value of seeking the best possible outcome of any situation through the analysis of facts, evaluation through logical thought processes, then taking the actions needed bring the reality of a situation closer to the desired objective. Admiral takes pride in his ability to invent and apply atypical but effective solutions to mundane problems. Admiral has Vulcan blood running through his veins.

For a more in-depth peek at his background, you may wish to read an Interview with Admiral on City Weekly's Blog.

How do I contact Admiral?

You can always find Admiral's most up to date contact information Right Here. You can follow Admiral on Twitter @admiral_potato, but that's mostly where he posts short updates about things that he's working on when he doesn't have the time to write full posts on them on his website. If you'd like to have a conversation with Admiral, it's best that you start that via email or telephone. Go ahead, don't be shy! Drop him a line!

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Surely "Admiral Potato" isn't really your name, is it?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: No, seriously though, what is your REAL name?
A: Admiral Potato. Now stop giving me crap about it.

Q: What's up with the outfit?
A: Admiral uses his style of dress to intentionally repel people who are so closed-minded that they cannot handle anything outside of 'the norm'. On the topic of repulsion, it is also important to note that Admiral tends to avoid, and even repel people who create and promote drama; A person is less capable of accomplishing goals in a positive fashion when their mind is cluttered with trivial matters of frivolous turmoil. Admiral wishes to attract deep, logical, meaningful and creative thought patterns, and those people who produce them - People thinking thoughts deeper than a name, deeper than clothing, deeper than skin.

Additional Specifications

  • Height: 190cm
  • Weight: 102kg
  • Hair: Awesome

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