Admiral's thoughts on Code, and best practices in coding

Admiral Potato believes very strongly in Open Source. Eventually he will post articles and musings on all kinds of complex, intricate, and elegant coding patterns here on this page, but for the moment, there is not enough time for that. In the mean time, you can check out the GitHub project for the wireframe 3D game engine that he wrote for this site, and check out some of the cool toys he has posted over at CodePen.

Here is a list of some tools, libraries and packages that Admiral has been using and loving recently:

  • Sublime Text - A wonderfully fast, full featured, multi-platform text editor
  • IntelliJ Idea - A ludicrously context aware, cross platform polyglot IDE
  • Processing - A programming language, development environment, and online community established to encourage developers to think in a more visual context, and to simplify the idea of programming to allow visual thinkers to start to understand how to control computers
  • Node.JS - Chrome's V8 JavaScript virtual machine turned into a high performance command line tool with access to a number of local hardware and network interfaces - frequently used to act as a powerful network server
  • Express - A web application framework for Node
  • Jade - Node template engine
  • Socket IO - A crap-wapper to ease realtime websocket style interaction on Node servers

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