Merry GIFmas 2014, and Happy New Year 2015! :D

GIFmas tree, GIFmas, Happy New Year, motion graphics, animated gif, blender, cycles, post processing, Electric Branches, ornament

Posted in Motion || Posted on 2014-12-26 11:06:00

Higher Quality Versions here: Ello | G+

I have this holiday tradition that I started last year. I call it GIFmas. I celebrate it on December 25th, a day that I have off of work, and I use that day to stay home and make more GIFs! :D I figure that if I were to physically put this tree up today, since today is when I designed it, I’d probably take the tree down late January. It would be there to help brighten my home through the darkest and coldest part of the year. May my works help bring joy and help brighten your dark winter nights! :)

This year’s design is a combination of the mesh from my finished GIFmas Tree from 2013, plus the material and some of the post-processing from one of my favorite designs of the year, “Electric Branches 0”. I am really enjoying the mix here. I’m rendering some close-ups of the ornaments right now, and will probably post those some point later this week. What do you think of this year’s GIFmas tree design?

gifmas tree, gifmas, happy new year, motion graphics, animated gif, blender, cycles, post processing, electric branches, ornament

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