Infinite Staircase

spiral staircase, life lessons, attachment, animated gif, motion graphics, blender, cycles, infinity

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Higher Quality Version here:

More like “Infinite Render Time”, this design took about 12 design iterations, each costing 36 hours of render time. I had originally intended for this to be one of the designs in my art exhibition at UMOCA, but sadly, the final problem free render completed just hours after the exhibition started.

Inspired almost completely by “LIGHTS” by Michal Dzierza, this is probably one of the designs that I’ve felt the most attached to as I worked on it. Sadly, through that attachment, I made myself feel terrible through my disappointment over how it came out less than perfect for so many iterations in a row. Creating art is really important, but it’s more important for us to remember that we don’t deserve to torture ourselves when a good outcome takes time, or when a good outcome for a certain design or idea doesn’t come at all.

The craziest thing about this design is, the instant I let go of my attachment to this piece, I was able to bang out a brand new design in just one hour, named “11th Hour Hawtness”. That piece was my 12th and final design for the show, and my personal favorite design in the show. Moral of the story here kids - Don’t let your attachment to anything become something which wounds you. If it does, let go of that thing, that person, that idea, whatever it is - and let yourself use that time and energy to do something new with yourself. The very next thing which comes along may be the most amazing experience you have in a great while - but you’ll never have the chance to live that if you don’t free up the time for it.

For any of you wondering how the opening night of the show went - it was awesome. I think that more of the museum’s patrons were there for the interpretive dance performance going on in the later part of that evening, but it was super exciting to see so many people directly interacting with my art by scanning the QR codes for each design and checking out the art that had inspired me while I was creating those 12 pieces. I played PROTODOME’s first 4 albums in the background in the lobby. I’m excited to see what kind of reviews the local art blogs and critics will post about the exhibit.

For any of you living in, or visiting the Salt Lake City area between now and October 16th, 2014 - please stop by UMOCA and take a look at my work there, I’m really proud of it, and I’d love to know what you think! :D

spiral staircase, life lessons, attachment, animated gif, motion graphics, blender, cycles, infinity

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