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Well, I -WAS- going to post some more GIFs… but everyone’s best friend, “Error uploading image” decided it was going to come chill at my place tonight. As much as I tried to boot its drunk ass out of my place, there would be none of that. I started politely trying to indicate to it that it had overstayed its welcome. Then I flat out told it to go home because it was drunk. I yelled at and tried to physically shove it out the door and it wouldn’t move. I maced it, and it wouldn't budge. I threatened it with a knife, but it vomited all over my blend files and passed out on the floor.

Okay, let’s get serious for a minute. I just finished making some really pretty GIFs and I’m super ticked that I can’t post them even though they’re well under a meg each. I’m writing this right now so I can at least share some stills of the GIFs I can’t post tonight, as well as a little bit of the process I used to make them. This scene setup is actually almost identical to the setup that I used in my GIF “Reflect Halos”, which got me 1500 new followers and 22,000 likes/reblogs in one night. I thought I’d spin some variations on that and see if people liked these new variants as well. OH WAIT NOPE, I HAVE AN UNWELCOME VISITOR TONIGHT.

There are 5 components to what we’re seeing here.

  1. I have some cubes and spheres hanging out in the middle of the scene with a 100% reflective/mirror/glossy material applied to them.
  2. I have the camera placed a few units to the south of those shapes.
  3. I have a torus/ring light placed a few units south of the camera. This is the only light in the scene, so it is all that reflects from the shapes in the center back to the camera.
  4. Normally, ring lights cast white light into the scene. NOT MINE! COLORS! [math] You see the node setup in the middle window of the screenshots above? That’s a little bit of trigonometry I put together to get the radial rainbow going on. Please feel free to copy this node setup if you like it. Please note that in the (left to right) second “Divide” math node, the input is being divided by PI.[/math]

The only differences between the images above and “Reflect Halos” is that I had the color of the mirror material defined by that math, and the ring-light was actually white.

Well, that’s all the steam I have at the moment. If anyone at Tumblr reads this, I have an offer to make you. I don’t care what programming language it’s written in - let me help you write a better image validator than the one that you currently have. I’ll do it for free. Just please, please let us have something that censors us a little bit less than this.

error uploading image, whyyyyyy, colors, blender, b3d

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