Bibodha’s Triangles (GIF + Wallpapers)

triangles, bibodha, python, animated gif, motion graphics, blender, cycles, depth of field

Posted in Motion || Posted on 2015-02-25 23:30:40

Higher quality versions: Ello | G+

Two wallpaper sized images [1920x1920, 4096x4096] of this design can be downloaded from this gallery on my G+ page. :)

I had the chance to introduce my developer friend Bibodha to Blender’s Python API last Wednesday night, and I’m really impressed by how quickly he picked it up, and how awesome this animation came out. It’s also kind of funny to me because the name of the project folder is “geometry_is_not_my_favorite_thing”, because that’s what he was saying just as I was creating it. A few minutes later, and he was too intrigued by a few of my unpublished tests to turn down the opportunity to play with the interface. It was a fantastic night. We chose to use some of the images from NVidia’s CUDA branding as inspiration for the materials and lighting we created for the scene… because let’s face it, we’re both NVidia Fanboys. Because ATI hasn’t put in the developer outreach hours to support Cycles on their hardware yet. Anyway - our conversation went a little bit like this:

Bibodha: “What should we do tonight?”
Admiral: “Let’s make a GIF! I just started learning Python in Blender, and it’s really awesome! I think you’ll like what I have to share with you.”
Bibodha: “I don’t know man - Geometry is not my favorite thing.”
Admiral: “Nonsense! You just haven’t had a chance to play with it in the right context yet!”
Bibodha: “Well, I’ll give it a try. But I don’t have to like it.”

—- 2 hours later and the design is complete —-

Bibodha: “DUDE!”
Admiral: “See? And you made that happen in… what, two hours and 50 lines of Python?”
Bibodha: “MIND… BLOWN!”
Admiral: “I knew you could rock it!”
Bibodha: “We totally need to do this again!”
Admiral: “Evil laughter… MUWAHAHAHAAA! HE’S HOOKED! Wait, did I say that out loud?”
Admiral: “Another awesome hobby?”
Bibodha: “Well, maybe. But we should definitely do this again next week.”

For those of you who use Blender - BY THE POWER OF PYTHON, I SHARE THIS SOURCE CODE! You know, the source code that we used to create this animation. So you can play with it. And make pretty things of your own. Seriously, take this code and play with it. I’d love to see some variations on this animation.

I’m excited because this Wednesday night is next week from when we made this. :)

triangles, bibodha, python, animated gif, motion graphics, blender, cycles, depth of field

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