Dmitri Carapezza crossed a Kiwi, a Cow, and an Octopus in a sketch and spawned the Ki-cow-ipuss, and Admiral made a 3D model of it.

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Original concept and drawing by Dmitri Carapezza


3D model by Admiral

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Texture map baked from procedural textures by Admiral

One day, Dmitri had come over to hang out with Admiral. After much awesome, Dmitri had to leave. Admiral knew that he would be bored after Dmitri left, asked Dmitri to do a quick sketch of a character for him before he left. Dmitri was fresh out of ideas, but Admiral wanted something that was truly Dmitri style, twisted and awesome. Admiral suggested a set of guidelines for the creature; "Take any 3 animals that you can think of, and genetically combine them!" Dmitri's choices had been a Kiwi, a Cow, and an Octopus. Thus the Ki-cow-ipuss was... spawned?

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