And The Heartbreak Kid (Beta)

A 3D model of a creature resembling a cross between a Penguin and a Toucan. Creature concept Dmitri Carapezza, 3D model by Admiral Potato.

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Original concept and drawing by Dmitri Carapezza


3D model by Admiral

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Texture map painted by Dmitri Carapezza

According to Dmitri, this little guy's official full name is "And The Heartbreak Kid".

Once upon a time, Admiral was new at this whole "Modeling organics in 3D" concept. On a quest to obtain decent sketches to practice making a 3D model of, Admiral sought out the wise "DmiTree of Knowledge and Drawing Things". And then it happened. The end. And then Admiral made a model of it. The end. And then Dmitri painted it. The end. Dmitri will finish painting it later. The end.

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