Toys From 2009 - Dinosaur 2 and The Heartbreak Kid

Admiral finally makes the time to back-post pictures of his first second and third toys: Dinosaur 2 and The Heartbreak Kid, from 2009

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I won't spend many words on this post explaining too much about why I hadn't made the time to post these photos any earlier, but it is certainly worth the words to at least describe the photos below. Here we go!

Dinosaur 2 and The Heartbreak Kid

These toys were the second and third toys I ever produced at Shapeways, and the photos below are of my Dinosaur 2 model, and the Heartbreak Kid. These models came out incredibly smooth, and surprisingly durable. Anyway, I don't have many additional words on these little guys, but probably too many photos are posted below.

Dmitri's Paint Job on the Heartbreak Kid

After taking all the photos of the models above, I gave Dmitri Carapezza the toy of the Heartbreak Kid for his birthday, since that toy was based off of his design to start with. He eventually painted the model, and these are the photos of the result. Being a rather rabid player of the WarHammer tabletop game series, Dmitri is a somewhat experienced model maker, and he said that were he to do this paint job again, we would have sanded the model a bit and then applied a layer of resin coating to smooth the surface of the model a bit more before painting it, but I still think that these pictures came out pretty cool.

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