Toys From 2009 - Chantell's Dragon Pendant

Admiral finally makes the time to back-post pictures of his first toys: Chantell's Dragon Pendant, from 2009

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I won't spend many words on this post explaining too much about why I hadn't made the time to post these photos any earlier, but it is certainly worth the words to at least describe the photos below. Here we go!

Chantell's Dragon Pendant

The First Toy Photos from 2009 that I should have taken the time to post earlier: Chantell's Dragon. These photos were originally taken on July 20th, 2009. Holy crap, that was a long time ago. Anyway, this was actually the -very first- model that I ever had 3D printed at Shapeways, and the Version 0 model(which these photos are of) lacked a bit of feature definition, as it was my very first 3D print, and . the Version 1 revision of the model(of which I currently have no photos) significantly increased the quality of a number visible details, such as the wing's interior details, the socket of the Eye, and the distinction of the beak from the rest of the face. I sell these on my Shapeways store for around $5.50, if you select one of the Plastic materials. The model is also offered in several Metal materials. I have yet to see any of those in person, but I have seen a few pictures online where other people have had the model printed in Stainless Steel, Silver, and even Gold. While the detailed pictures below are mostly of the "White Strong & Flexible" material, one of the members of the Shapeways Forum was kind enough to take a large picture of the model printed in the Transparent Plastic material as well.

Here some renders of the model's different versions to illustrate the differences between the two versions of the model. The 3D software that I use, Blender, had received a number of upgrades between the first and second set of renders, so would imagine that the difference in lighting that you may see between the two sets below is a result of the Ambient Occlusion algorithm being re-written, as I had done nothing to change the cameras, lights or render settings of the file from one set to the next.

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