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Uhh... yeah, that's about it. I posted a new 3D model. And a rendered turntable animation of a subsurf'd and displaced version.

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I don't have a lot of words for this post, but I do have a lot of pretty graphics! Behold! Random Drop Guy!

I finally found the time to finish up a 3D model that I started just under a year ago- I had originally completed about 90% of the work to get this little guy done, but as life has proven to me over and over again, when you stop working on something at 90% completion and get out of that groove, it takes over 1000% the original effort just to finish that last 10% of the work that it took to complete the first 90%. Ah well.

Random Drop Guy - Rendered from Admiral Potato on Vimeo.

This is a high quality rendered version of what was originally a low poly 3D model that you can view interactively at:

The Random Drop guy was a model that I originally started work on and completed most of in October 2009, but life kinda got in the way of my finishing it at that point in time. I remember that similar to the "Eyeguy", I was still suffering a great deal from my losses in 2008, and this was another piece that I was trying to use as a constructive way of coping with my pain and suffering.

When I started, there was no original concept for this model. I just sat down and started improvising the modeling and texturing for this creature, with no goal other than simply to create something. I would imagine that when I started, I had started from the head down, as I see nowhere else on the body that resembles a "drop". I suppose that I had really been happy with the way that my "Eyeguy" had come out, and I decided to try and paint another creature in the same style. Over time, I guess I forgot how to paint like that. When I picked up the model to finish it's paint job in 2010, I was unable to replicate the same style of painting, so I started painting spiral color streaks on him instead.

You can see the interactive 3D version of the "Random Drop Guy" on my 3D models page. Below are some of the screenshots that I took while working on this model... though seriously, the modeling was the easiest part. The painting took the longest for sure. Hopefully with more practice, I'll get faster at the painting part.

Well, that's all for now. I'ma get some sleep. Oh MAN do I rock all-nighters!

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