Random Drop Guy

The Random Drop guy was a 3D model that Admiral originally started work on and completed most of in October 2009, similar to the Eyeguy model.

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3D model by Admiral

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Texture map painted by Admiral

The Random Drop guy was a model that I originally started work on and completed most of in October 2009, but life kinda got in the way of my finishing it at that point in time. I remember that similar to the "Eyeguy", I was still suffering a great deal from my losses in 2008, and this was another piece that I was trying to use as a constructive way of coping with my pain and suffering.

When I started, there was no original concept for this model. I just sat down and started improvising the modeling and texturing for this creature, with no goal other than simply to create something. I would imagine that when I started, I had started from the head down, as I see nowhere else on the body that resembles a "drop". I suppose that I had really been happy with the way that my "Eyeguy" had come out, and I decided to try and paint another creature in the same style. Over time, I guess I forgot how to paint like that. When I picked up the model to finish it's paint job in 2010, I was unable to replicate the same style of painting, so I started painting spiral color streaks on him instead.

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